by Deidre Miller

April 7, 1999 — Hi! My name is Deidre and I’m a Dwarf-Hotot mix. In my six years of life I have learned much about being a house rabbit and dwelling with humans. I love my humans very much, but I have to admit they were slow to catch on to “rabbit-speak” and even now we sometimes have a breakdown in communication.

For instance – because I am a rabbit, I must chew. Rabbits are programmed to chew. Chewing is important for nutritional and functional reasons. I know that I should be allowed to chew whatever is tasty to me at the moment. If I want carpet, baseboards, luggage, computer cords, telephone cords, and/or furniture, I should be able to gnaw to my hearts content.

But my humans seem to think these items are off limits. So I guess if we are going to live in harmony we have to compromise (I really hate that). My humans tell me cords and wires are very dangerous. How can they be dangerous when they look so much like vines and stems? Okay, I will concede the threat of electrocution is real, but the carper issue is strictly one of esthetics. Humans prefer the carpet remain intact, I prefer digging in the corners and removing a number of fibers for that fuzzy look. Then I like to go one step further and chew in a circular motion creating original designs. Humans call them bare spots; I call them art.

Well…. those humans are onto my chewing habits. They have placed tile in corners, covered the baseboards, and provided me with “chewing alternatives” (i.e., cardboard boxes, seagrass mats. etc.). I suppose this chewing issue is one upon which rabbits and humans will never entirely agree.

I will thank my humans for setting limits and keeping me safe. But that won’t stop me from attempting to redecorate now and then.

Editor’s note: Deidre Miller resides in Mesa, Arizona with her bonded companion Thumper

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