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Although many parents think it’s a good idea to give their children a bunny for Easter, rabbit rescues say–don’t do it.

Bunnies look cute and cuddly, but looks can be deceiving.

According to Brambley Hedge Rabbit Rescue, bunnies don’t like to be held and will scratch when they’re scared. They aren’t the ideal pet for young children.

Bunnies require hours of care and two to three hours of exercise every day.

Plus, bunnies live 10 years or more and must live indoors because they can’t survive in temperatures over 85 degrees.

Rabbit rescues often see a huge increase of animals brought in after Easter, which is why Brambley Hedge is having a “Make Mine Chocolate” Easter campaign.

Think twice before buying your child a real bunny this Easter; a chocolate one could be all you’re ready to deal with.

Brambley Hedge Rabbit Rescue